NOMACHINE - NX - Unable to stop the server from client if not root


I have done a basic installation for a server.
And then I have removed the screen and the keyboard because I have no place for them.

I manage the server from my laptop using NX.
I am using the root user account as nx user because I can’t stop the server with a normal user.

Any idea.

Thank you for your help.

Do you mean the NX server (service) or the server itself?

btw if you like to try FreeNX, I have a working version for 11.4 in my repo:

NX is working normally ( I suppose ).
But on my laptop under an NX session connected to the desktop server, If I don’T use the linux server root user, I can’t stop the desktop linux server.
My laptop act as the monitor and the keyboard of the desktop linux server. (The desktop linux server have no monitor and no keyboard )

This is normal. Users are not supposed to shutdown servers. Can you not just open a root terminal in a user nx session and do what you want?