Nokia Urges Linux Developers To Be Cool With DRM

How important are Jaaksi’s comments in relation to QT and KDE?

Slashdot | Nokia Urges Linux Developers To Be Cool With DRM

His comments strike me as being completely contrary to the general feeling of open development and collaboration originally given in the merge press release and interviews.

Does this bode well for QT and KDE?

The article is a pretty hefty Slashdot-type troll bait - I bet Digg is going to go flippy over the matter and I can only imagine how the sociopath no lives at /. or Digg are going to fight over it until the end of time.

The bottom line is business isn’t going to change overnight just because the OSS crowd wants so - it’s going to take time for companies to find new business models and ways of implementing it.

I agree with Chrysantine just following links to /. eat at my soul a little bit.

In regards to QT K Desktop Environment - KDE Free Qt Foundation it is protected but would become a fork I guess. The lack of development funds would bound to have an effect to start with.

But I’m sure either another widget set would fill the niche or another company would take up the sponsorship of the new fork.

I remember reading an article about that earlier today on Slashdot, and after reading the comments, I noticed a lot of people that seemed to be jumping the gun.

I’m against DRM, and I definitely wouldn’t want it running on my computer, but I don’t see this affecting QT or KDE at all anytime soon, and even if it did, QT could just be forked, thanks to the wonder that is open source.

I don’t remember the details, and don’t care to relive the comments from slashdot this morning. :stuck_out_tongue: But I think people should stay cool, as opposed to going all “OMG he wants to DRMz my linux box!!!111100011010!”

I rarely read slashdot, but following a link from Planetsuse left me there. It does seem to be a spawning ground for “the sky is falling” points of view. Perhaps looking for an official response from Nokia, or merely seeing how they continue to work with and support Trolltech might be the best course… :slight_smile:

I doubt Nokia itself cares that much whether there’s DRM or not since they only manufacture handsets, most likely the operators and other businesses are pressing hard for DRM and they don’t really have a choice in the matter if they want to sell their cells.

A kind of a chicken-egg situation.

I remember reading a blog the guy posted on the topic, and from the way I read it, it seemed as if he was simply seeking communication between developers and companies on possible methods/alternitives.

It’s just best if everyone stayes cool, I think. If the worst happens, fork and continue to improve.

See here: K Desktop Environment - KDE Free Qt Foundation

I agree in regards to blog he has been badly misrepresented from what I can see.

Ari Jaaksi’s Blog

<snip>I think it would benefit everybody if people developing open source code would understand WHY certain things are made the way they are.<snip>

Of course he has, what slashdot user isn’t going to predict DRM to be a death-blow to Linux.

Ah well, I don’t see anything too detrimental coming from this. And if anything DRM finds it’s way on to my computer… rm -f *.drm