nokia n90

can anybody tell me how i can transfer files to/from my N90 nokia mobile?

i searched alot but unlike sonyericsson my moblie does not connect like a normal usb
it is recognized as /dev/ttyACM0 but i cant mount it.

can anyone halp me?


I have a Nokia E90 and I can easily connect with Bluetooth.

Just use kbluetooth applet in the task bar.
Once the phone is detected it may ask to exchange the sec code.

you can even set the phone to make your PC a trusted device on your nokia and then simply use Konqueror to navigate on the phone storage without pressing always the ok button on the phone.


thanks for your answer
though i ment through **usb not bluetooth **(sorry i forgot to mention)

i tried everything and anyhing that works i just can dial number with them and i cant ,say,view my stored numbers

but the most important feature that i want is transfering file between my N90 and suse

so file the thing that works (though partially )is obexftp

it can list my file and get and put to/from my phone.
thogh it does’nt work with its GUI so with CLI its frustrating .

any ideas?

i got my n90 usb connection working :):):slight_smile:

it is great and one step closer to getting rid of windows for ever

i did it this way

(please remember that this procedure is for connecting N90 and other nokia phones that don’t have usb **Mass storage **option for their usb connnection(so their usb connection cant work like ,say, sonyericson k750) .like N90 6630 ,)

0-you have to be in admin acoount (I am sure there is a workaround for this )

1- install obexftp and its dependencies

2- the download obexftp-frontend

3- extract to your home

4-plug your usb cable to pc & your phone(there should be a usb icon on your phone showing that is connected)

5-(in admin account) in terminal type

obex_test -u

my output was :

Using USB transport, querying available interfaces
Interface 0: Nokia Nokia N90 SYNCML-SYNC
Interface 1: Nokia Nokia N90 PC Suite Services
Use ‘obex_test -u interface_number’ to run interactive OBEX test client

6-for testing it
(in admin account) in terminal type
obexftp -u 1 -l
note that
a) its -u -l(lower l) -1(number 1)
b)(1 for Interface 1: Nokia Nokia N90 PC Suite Services)you may have to change it according to your output

again my output was :
Receiving “(null)”… <?xml version=“1.0”?>
<!DOCTYPE folder-listing SYSTEM “obex-folder-listing.dtd”
<!ATTLIST folder mem-type CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST folder label CDATA #IMPLIED> ]>
<folder-listing version=“1.0”>
<folder name=“C:” user-perm=“RW” mem-type=“DEV” label=“Phone memory”/>
<folder name=“E:” user-perm=“RW” mem-type=“MMC” label=“Memory card”/>

so you see that it can see my mmc card drive

7- (CLI) obexftp has command line abilities for communicating with your mmc card

8-(GUI) for gui you should use obexftp-frontend
a)extract it and go to its folder
b)make obexftp-frontend-core-XXXX.jar (xxx version number) executable then open it with java ot type in terminal (again in admin account)
java -jar obexftp-frontend-core-0.6.5.jar

(the script is supposed to do this command but for me i had to type it myself) )

9-when the GUI window is ready go to option and in the bottom of option windows select USB for device communication and in delete <device number> and replace it with 1 (again this is the number that obex_test gave me for “Nokia Nokia N90 PC Suite Services” that seems to works .and dont forget to uncheck “get device info”

then test it with test button and it should say connection established

then close the option window and then in obexftp-frontend click on magnifier icon(get root list)
and your good to go :slight_smile: )

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Great work.
I simply use the bluetooth tools and it simply works.
I can see all folders inside all info … data exchange is the most simple thing to do.


thanks for answer again but as i said so i dont have bluetooth on my computer.

and i think this is a problem for many users :slight_smile:

It’s simple to GET bluetooth for your computer…cost
me $14 from NewEgg over a year ago…just a simple
USB/Bluetooth adapter is all that is needed.

e.g.: - TRENDnet TBW-105UB USB 2.0 Compact Bluetooth Adapter - Network - Bluetooth

Hope this helps…