Nokia and Microsoft - what are Nokias advantages?

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Nokia is planning to use Windows Phone on future smartphone products. Nokia OS, Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, Windows Phone… what a chaos. Nothing to wonder Nokia is loosing market share. Maemo was a real “smart” platform, making a smartphone a real small pc. But when the first smartphone (There where some MIDs before) running Maemo was released, they announced they would drop Maemo for MeeGo. Nokia OS have been dropped for Symbian OS, which needed some time to catch up the same features as the competition in the smartphone sector. Finally they had a superb platform with offline navigation comparable to real gps-navigation devices, all the features customers should want for their smartphone, and all of that needing lesser hardware resources than the competition from Apple, Google or Microsoft. Now, as they have released the first devices running Symbian^3, they are - surprise - dropping it!

What is going on with Nokia? Who wants to buy smartphones, when the company producing them announce to drop support for them? Who wants to develop software for a system that is declared dead by their developers? In my opinion it is no wonder they are loosing market share. I waited for the E7 to buy it, because it is a wonderful phone. One day (!) after the official release in Germany they announced to go with Windows Phone in the future. It seems their company leaders really want their phones to be as unsuccessful as possible, fighting hard against their developers, who are disturbing them by developing great phones.

In my opinion the only one taking advantages from the deal is Microsoft. They have a market share of ~3% in operating systems, Nokia has 30% in devices. Move on two years: Even if Microsoft is loosing all of their customers and Nokia is loosing half of their market, Microsoft will get five times the market share they have by now! OK, it is a little bit naive, as Nokia won’t go completely Windows Phone in two years with all of their devices, but Microsoft is winning huge… and Nokia? They may save some money in software development, but gaining success on the market with a System mostly rejected by customers despite a huge marketing campaign and a good brand? I don’t think so.

But… who knows, maybe Nokia will do a 180° turnaround again in a couple of months. I really liked Nokia for their quality products, good prices and open systems. But prices may increase, as hardware need will increase with WinPhone, and systems will get more closed in the future.

At least: Windows has one Bluescreen, Windows Phone 7 has as much as you want on your personal home screen.

I suppose Nokia wanted to offer something besides another Android. It doesn’t hurt that Microsoft will be pumping in millions just to make a dent in the market. More choices, good for the consumer.

They were losing market share because they stuck to Symbian as long as they did, it’s just bad.

And Symbian was completely rejected in US where Nokia wanted to concentrate - they had two choices; either wait for Meego which would have postponed everything by at least a year (or more) or then go Android which would have turned them into yet another OEM manufacturer on a ridiculously fragmented platform.

I was hoping they would’ve chosen Meego but from what I’ve gathered, one of the issues was that Intel was completely impotent and wasn’t getting anything done.

And Symbian was open? Please. As for Android being “open”, that matters to how many people? I don’t think we can fill a small room with people who care whether the platform is open or not, they care about two things; what applications does it run and is it easy to use?

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Android crashes too and lots by the looks of it and you don’t get a nice screen, it just freezes.

Nokia does not know what it wants to be. If you jump from platform to platform then there is no strategy.
Besides, i read a lot of developers are really outraged by Nokias decision to move to Win7.
But lets face it, how popular is Win7. Will it convince people to replace their Android or Apple phone with a Win7 phone?
This is unlikely. They can be really happy if they jump ahead of RIM.
You can also say like this, that two losers band together in hope they come out the winners.
And i am not sure if MS strategy will work this time around with heavy weight’s like Google and Apple. They just simply lost the race.

I didn’t even consider a Nokia the last three times I got a Cellular Phone. Nokia doesn’t have any advantages. I have owned one Nokia phone in my lifetime. They don’t have a phone in the class of RIM, Android or, Iphone. They will not have one for at least a year. What they are doing makes no sense to anyone but their CEO and Microsoft.

I just got a Iphone 4 on AT&T. It’s my first smart-phone with a data plan. I had a Blackberry pearl before strictly for the keyboard and excellent predictive text input. I didn’t get a Android because I couldn’t count on AT&T ever updating the Android OS on the Samsung Captivate. With the Iphone 4 this is out of their hands. I didn’t and wouldn’t consider a Win 7 mobile phone. I hate the walled garden of Apple but my phone is an excellent piece of hardware.

My big worries center around QT. This guy running Nokia is a ex Microsoft employee and is the seventh largest stockholder in Microsoft I read somewhere. I see him tossing QT under the bus. As a KDE user this is worrisome. The move has pissed off the Developers using QT.

I whish i could buy one of these phones.
Neverthless, the last Nokia i bought was one of the smallest piece of phone at the time. Around 2002. Since then i got mostly Samsung. Evidendly they beliefe in a future with Win7. But the predictions are not that rosy.

If I choose a phone that I want to have maximal battery time when I go out somewhere, for example camping or otherwise on a trip - do you think I’m going to take an IPhone or an Android based phone? Hell no, I need a phone I can trust that doesn’t die on me half way there - that’s why I’ve always chosen Nokia for maximum battery time and every single test they obliterate the competition on both battery and reception.

Apps? Don’t care. Video calls etc? Don’t care. Maximum battery? Oh yes. Excellent reception in all circumstances? You bet.

I do not like the title of thread. Nokia & Microsoft is not acceptable for me. If you said NOKIA & LINUX is much better.
Maemo software | Nokia › Nokia N900 mobile computer

I do not like the title of thread. Nokia & Microsoft is not acceptable for me. If you said NOKIA & LINUX is much better.
Maemo software | Nokia � Nokia N900 mobile computer

Nokia is still offering something besides another Android. Nokia has two systems in actual development herself and my fear is not to win one system (Windows Phone), but to loose those two (Symbian and MeeGo). So, in the end I fear as a consumer to loose two options.

In my opinion Symbian is absolutely OK. Symbian S60 was usable for a smartphone, Symbian^3 has a stupid name, but is really great. What I like about Symbian is that it runs fast even on lower spec hardware. Windows Phone would just not be able to run on the cheaper Nokia smartphones like the C6. Android and iOS need more hardware too. The problem is marketing. The N8 or E7 were great phones, but even so called “professional” journalists called them slow, just because their clock frequency is lower than the competition. Actually using them they are as “fast” as their competition thanks to the lightweight and energy efficient Symbian. I even remember someone criticizing the N8 for wielding a 12 megapixel camera. That’s plain stupid. Maybe a 12 MP camera don’t bring the benefits the number might be indicating, but taking that as a minus in a comparison is stupid. Problem with Symbian is, that people don’t like it for no real reason. If Microsoft would improve Vista to the state of Windows 7, people would still love 7 and hate Vista even it is the same. Symbian has the same problem as Vista, Nokia didn’t succeed in marketing recent versions as “something new”, so people had still the same prejudices about it.

Indirectly it matters for people. You have a much greater choice of phones with Android and you have much more applications available for free. Recent Symbian is using Qt as base development framework, MeeGo is supporting Qt and GTK. That is comfort for developers Android and iOS can’t provide. Honestly I don’t know about Windows Phone in that regard.

MeeGo would have been a real open system, even more than Android or Symbian. The chance seems to be over now. And Qt seems to be in danger too.

Do they make phone calls?

Cell phones nowadays seem to be about everything, except making calls…

MeeGo has a future but it isn’t ready for production. Symbian is dying. I wouldn’t buy a winphone, but it’s a legitamite alternative and I’m sure there will be a market for it. It may never catch the others, but it gives Nokia something different to offer.

smartphone != cell phones. There’s quite a big difference between those two.

If Nokia would let Qt die, that’d might result in an interesting development, see →here.

With the release of version 2.0 of the toolkit, the license was changed to the Q Public License (QPL), a free software license but one regarded by the Free Software Foundation as incompatible with the GPL. Compromises were sought between KDE and Trolltech whereby Qt would not be able to fall under a more restrictive license than the QPL, even if Trolltech was bought out or went bankrupt. This led to the creation of the KDE Free Qt foundation, which guarantees that Qt would fall under a BSD-style license should no free/open source version of Qt be released during 12 months.

Alas, poor Nokia! I knew them well.

I would hope so but has it?

Andrew Wafaa: Smeegol NoGo MeeGo GoGo (2011/02/08)

Maybe with intel:
Dj Walker-Morgan/The H Open Source: Disappointment and anger greet Nokia’s MeeGo plans (2011/02/14)


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> ‘Alas, poor Nokia! I knew them well.’

yep…my current cell/mobile phone is a Nokia, i can’t imagine my next
will be (unless i snatch up a used N900)

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My current “cellphone” is actually a small mobile computer with a cellphone function and internet connectivity. This is the direction mobile computing is moving for most people where I live.

If I want reliable communication I will not rely on a cellular phone. Instead I will use one of my portable/hand held amateur radio transceivers.

I would like to see Nokia continue with MeeGo as more diversity in mobile operating systems is good for everyone.

The CE0 of Nokia is a real piece of work.

Nokia’s advantage has always been “ease of use”. For that to continue with a software partner, where would they look? Apple of course, but too busy with iphone etc. That leaves Winders. There, that wasn’t too difficult. :slight_smile:

Ah, so there are provisions for Qt. Conspiracy theorists would question just how low can they take it before this clause is triggered.

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