Noise problem at shutdown (sound card related?)


Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum to post this issue.

To start, my setup:

I am running OpenSUSE 11.1 64bit, with the latest kernel, on an
Asus F5GL laptop, NVidia GeForce 8200m g graphics card (at the moment driver version 180.22), internal sound card is MCP79 High Definition Audio with driver shown as snd_hda_intel.

To get the sound come through my Creative SB Live! 24bit External sound card I first made the appropriate selections in Control Center > Sound and volume control preferences, and then in volume control set SB Live! as default for both input and output. That didn’t solve the problem for quite everything, so I ended up blacklisting snd_hda_intel (I created a new blacklist file rather than using the one that comes with the system) and rebooting. So far so good, now all sound comes through the external sound card.

Now, like many, I have a problem with getting the laptop to shutdown properly. I have to do ‘init 3’ in terminal, then log in as root and run ‘shutdown -h now’. This causes the system to shut down the hard drive and everything else, goes through the shutting down process to ‘the system will be halted immediately’, at which point I however need to shut down the laptop by holding down the power button.

This is not a problem as I understand at this point it is safe to shut down the laptop manually. The problem is that when the shut down process gets to ‘the system will be halted immediately’ there’s a VERY loud, repeating bleeping noise rather like a burglar alarm. If I remove the sound card blacklisting, the noise disappears when shutting down. Anyone know if there’s a way to do the blacklisting in some different way so as to avoid this noise thing? Additional note: I looked at Yast2 sound configuration, to see if I could add the external USB audio there and set it as default card, however this precise sound card is not listed (in the Add menu).

The program I needed to do the snd_hda_intel blacklisting for was Spotify run through Wine, btw (I intend to ask at a Wine forum for a possible winecfg configuration solution).

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the lengthy explanation.

I do not know if this is of any use, but I would have configured the sound card with YaST > Hardware > Sound (for the system and not for the KDE user).

I tried that earlier but did not find my sound card listed - however I now notice I can select it as the USB audio in the kernel modules list. So this was very helpful indeed. Thank you!

You did nnot tell it was USB. I myself and several others here have configured an USB sound card by going via YaST and then choosing Generic (at left) and then the only possible one USB at right.

When you want it as your default, select the line and go to the button lower right, selecting “make this the default” (or similar wording).

Well, I did say towards the end of the post “I looked at Yast2 sound configuration, to see if I could add the external USB audio there”. Sorry for not being clear about it - should have put it clearly at the start of the post.

Yes, I found the way to make it default some minutes ago. Thanks again!