noise come out from the speakers in any linux distro even opensuse

hi guys
i just having problem with my sound driver from a lot of time in any Linux distro even opensuse
and it seems that is noise with the speaker and it end when i mute the speakers
and it especially for the right speaker
i just need help with the driver or i need to know how to disable just the right speaker :’(

my computer : dell
CPU : Intel 2Gz
ram :3 G
hard drive :320 G

note : that problem disappear when i using windows

Hi, welcome,

Stating that it works in Windows doesn’t mean much. Try installing pavucontrol and run it to play around with the output settings

Start by reading the troubleshooting guide
In particular, run the /usr/sbin/ script and allow it to upload the output to an online server. Post the link that it generates here, so that others can advise further.

this way didn’t work ,do you know how to totally disable the right speaker ,because i already tried to disable it in the control manager but it continue runing

i tried this way but there a lot of information and i didn’t understand any thing.

Point is to give us the URL to the script results so we can see it. Yes it is confusing

The script is easy to run. Simply open a konsole/xterm, with PC connected to internet, and as a regular user paste this into the konsole/terminal


select the ‘upload/share’ option when prompted. Let the script run to completion. Then look in the konsole/xterm and it will tell you that "Your ALSA information is located at " some http location. Copy that location and paste that here. We can then go to that link and check what it says. It ‘might’ give us an idea as to what is wrong with your setup.