node / npm : OpenSuse 13.2 i586

Has anybody tried to install lately node on OpenSuse 13.2 i586?

The latest version I found for this version is nodejs8-8.5.0-8.1.i586.rpm

However, even if I have installed libicu-devel-53.1-2.3.2.i586.rpm (libicu52-52.1-1.1 was not to be found anywhere), I get this error:

@linux-lt8s:/> node8
node8: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So, the question is how do you install node / npm for OpenSuse 13.2 i586?

As I said in the other Forum:
Install an actual openSUSE.

And this is the wrong Subforum, can anybody move it?

Will be moved to Install/Boot/Login…