No YaST in a fresh openSUSE 11.0 install


I’m having a problem getting YaST to open. I’ve freshly installed openSUSE 11.0 and have since used YaST a few times but now I can’t seem to access it. I don’t even know where to start as I’m new to openSUSE (but have some experience with other distros).

The problem seemed to begin after an auto update of Open Office got stuck part way thru’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Pedro,

YaST shoud be in your applications list or in the main menu. Which DE are you using (GNOME/KDE)? It should be in there!

To add to your update comment, as it is a fresh install, I would first try letting all the updates come through (as you sate the last updates got stuk).

for this open a terminal console and type;

su -   (enter root pw)
zypper ref
zypper up  (say yes to all and let it install)
zypper dup (say yes to all and let it install)

This should bring your system up to date and finish what was aborted. It’s the same thing as running YaST’s update tool, but this is more direct.

You can also try starting yast from a terminal console by typing ’ su - ’ and ’ yast2 & ’


Thanks a lot Magic31. Unfortunately I can’t try out your suggestion as I’ve done a rapid fire reinstall and I’m back with Debian.

But I did like the look of SUSE 11.0 GNOME. I’m just not ready to make the leap at this point, primarily because of my familiarity with apt.

All the best.

Thanks for the reply Pedro, and I get what you are saying. Nothing like home :wink: Might see you on your next leap!