No XServer after fresh 11.2 install

after the install with kde selected i get a command line however typing startx tells me no startx installed, startkde says “$DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to the X server.”

hwinfo --gfxcard says

Hardware Class: graphics card
Model: “Trident Microsystems 9910”
Vendor: pci 0x1023 “Trident Microsystems Inc.”
Device: pci 0x9910 “9910”
SubVendor: pci 0x1179 “Toshiba America Info Systems”
SubDevice: pci 0x0001
Revision: 0x63

laptop is a tecra 8200 and the graphics card is actually “Trident Microsystems CyberBlade XP” not sure of that is the problem or what to do about the whole thing

When the grub star menu appears, choose the first boot entry and press 3 and then enter.
This will five you a terminal login.
Login as root and run sax2 to configure your xserver.
If this doesnt work, try the same in the second failsafe boot option.

Since it’s an older pc, it will probably be better to use one of the other window managers like icewm.

tnx for ur response.

i am not able to run sax2 as root when i login. cnf sax2 tells me its installed at this path /usr/sbin/sax2 but its not there!! “no such file or directory”.

how can i get icewm setup?

There is something wrong with the install media run the media check in the first menu.

ok the media check says the is a bad sector, the image burned perfectly so thats strange.

can i get around seeing as the system seems to be ok other that the xserver or do i have to create a new disk?

Create a new disk unless you don’t want a desktop.

ok tnx i´ll md5 the download burn a new disk

Also run the media check again. Burn at lowest speed available and use good media.

tnx all installed and working fine