No xorg.conf file

I just noticed something strange with my 11.2 rc1 installation. I can’t seem to find my “xorg.conf” anywhere. It’s not at root/etc/X11 nor any other locations.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible with X-server >= 1.6.

If you run sax2 from a su term it will create one though.

I was quite amazed. Just installed the NVIDIA driver, no sax2 or nvidia-xconfig, just init 5 && exit, works. Ascpecially amazed about the Wacom tablets: plug in, work.

Everything just works great for me too. Totally loving it.:wink:

Thanks guys. I’ll try the “sax2” command.

On Sun, 25 Oct 2009 15:56:01 +0000, Knurpht wrote:

> Ascpecially amazed about the
> Wacom tablets: plug in, work.

I found that to be the case with 11.1 as well with my Intuos4 - but in
the end I did end up building a patched version of the wacom.ko kernel
driver (for support for uploading images to the OLED displays - it’s a
very new patch created week before last).

Out of curiosity, is hotplug supported in what’s in 11.2?


Jim Henderson
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Any reason for that?

Is there something not working as expected?

If anything is OK, then why create a xorg.conf which is not needed any more?

Interestingly I just installed the nvidia driver, did sax2 (habbit I suppose) and it didn’t work. Installation went fine but the driver wouldn’t work. I read this thread and rename xorg.conf, rebooted and now my driver’s working fine. Amazing… Just deleted all xorg.conf.* files and it’s still working.

Very happy now :slight_smile:

So,Gumper, try and rename your xorg.conf something else and reboot your machine. That might get it working if the nvidia installer says all went well.

I think you are drawing the wrong conclusion, or doesn’t it look like it works because you did not use the now obsolete way with xorg.conf/sax2?

This thread should be linked to all those people complaining, whining and even calling the developers/maintainers who decided to obsolete sax2 (without removing it, so it is still there as a fallback option!) “morons” and “stupid”.

I installed it ones. Ran sax2, rebooted and no composting. Reran sax2, still no composting. rename xorg.conf, reboot and now it works. I think I am drawing the right conclusion. In either way it now works so I don’t care how :stuck_out_tongue:

I installed the nvidia driver via init 3 etc and every thing seemed fine. However when I launch a console I keep getting this maessage. " syslogd@linux-jpk2 at Oct 25 22:22:37 …
kernel: 1280.923958] do_IRQ: 0.107 No irq handler for vector (irq -1)">:(

If I remove nvidia and sax2 back to vesa all is ok again, any ideas what is wrong.:confused:


You might want to look at var/log/Xorg.0.log to see whats going on. Can you boot up in failsafe mode (with basic vesa driver) ok?

Not that it has made a difference so far here, but just in case something happens between now & GM is that the nvidia-xconfig that is renamed? I’m looking at this as an alternative to sax2.
While I’m here is it sax2,xorg.conf’s or something else going bye bye?:confused:

Actually I was toying with the idea of installing Archlinux and I wanted to see what it looked like for reference.

You do know, that Archlinux as a “bleeding edge” distro does also not rely on a xorg.conf any longer?

I agree with Akoelh. First there’s loads of complaints about the difficulties in installing third party drivers, now that a way is found to make this all an easier, more OOTB experience, the complaints are about not having these difficulties.
This is a leap forwards, specially for people who are new to linux.

Just FYI;
I just instal Fedora 11 on my Box and was amazed at the OOTB experience I had with my Nvidia card. It installed their “nouveau” driver. I tell you it’s amazing, I had desktop effects in Gnome, but not in kde for some reason. I later installed the Nvidia driver (beta) manually as I usually do though.

I’ll have a number of 11.2 installs with nvidia to do after release so I’ll be interested to see how things go. There’s always a way round things though;)