No X with LXDE LiveCD (installed) on QEmu & kvm

This is my first post here in the forum, I hope this is the right place to ask for this question :).

On topic: I’m trying to test the newly released LXDE LiveCD on a qemu-kvm virtual machine (which tries to mimic the old lapto p in which it’s going to be installed at end…)

The virtual system boots fine from the ISO, but once installed the X window system is unable to start, no matter what “-vga XXX” (cirrus/std/vmware) parameter I use to start the VM.

Any clue about what can be happening?

More info LXDE LiveCD info:
Derivatives - openSUSE

I think I tested the liveCD (without installing, just running from liveCD) and it worked,… but I can’t remember for certain :frowning: as I am a bit confused as to what testing I did with 11.3 milestone3 LXDE and what I did with 11.2 liveCD. I did install the 11.3 milestone3 DVD on a hard drive. (as I wanted to write bug reports and support introduction of LXDE on the openSUSE-11.3 DVD)

Anyway, I’ll double check, but I think I tested it and it worked from the liveCD (but I did not try an install).

If I read your post correct, the openSUSE-11.3 liveCD ran OK, but the install did not work for the reasons you mentioned. ( … and I did NOT try to install the 11.2 LXDE).

There are some work arounds for openSUSE-11.2 LXDE desktop here that may be relevant: LXDE - openSUSE

This is the correct place to ask the question if this is the 11.2 liveCD (the 11.3 DVD belongs under the Beta software forum sub area).

Before I forget - WELCOME to our forum, and **WELCOME **to openSUSE.

The 11.2 liveCD is fairly new, and so anything you can contribute in terms of experience, bugs, etc … will be greatly appreciated.

I think I have the same problem: after the installation from live cd of OpenSuse 11.2 LXDE on my laptop toshiba (celeronM, ATI 32MB graphic card) I restart the system, choose OpenSuse in the grub and after the correct loading of the kernel entries the screen becames black.
If a press ctrl alt del YAST2 window appears asking me to autoconfigure X because of a graphic card problem or a lack of installed packages.
I follow the procedure and finally I reach the Desktop and all works right.
I’ like to know how to avoid this issue for next installations even if the OS now seems to be ok.
Thanks to all, I’m new in the forum as well. Sorry for my english. Good bye

This could be an ATI driver problem as opposed to an LXDE problem.

Please read this practical theory guide (in particular read post#1 and also post#11): openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

I suspect you may need to apply the update from post#11 in that quoted thread.

Thanks for the answers, I’ll try to to invoke ctrl-alt-del inside the virtual machine and see if this solves anything.

@oldcpu: yes, you understood it correctly: the LiveCD works, I can install the system with it just fine. It’s after installation when the problem appears.