No WLAN and Bluetooth after update


As I discovered after the booting of my notebook today, suddenly neither WLAN nor Bluetooth seem to work anymore. I’ve restarted the WLAN-Router as well the network daemon and KNetworkManager, but the icon remains gray, despite choosing the WLAN manually (although it should connect automatically anyway).

The kbluetooth icon is similarly gray. I’ve tried to activate my devices manually, but they weren’t shown in the dialog. I couldn’t do a similar restart for the bluetooth part because I don’t know the bluetooth daemon and for lack of internet I couldn’t search the required information. Also for lack of time I couldn’t test if ethernet fails, too.

The only changes in my notebook configuration were the security updates I’ve been prompted to do yesterday. IIRC, one was the DBUS package, so this could actually be the root cause. I’d appreciate any pointers how to solve my problem. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked around in the logs and discovered that somehow the files /etc/bluetooth/input.conf and /etc/bluetooth/network.conf aren’t there anymore. This seems to cause the bluetooth daemon to not work anymore. Possibly that this kills my WLAN, too, somehow. At least using ethernet cable works.

Has anyone an idea how to repair the bluetooth part?

I used Yast to reinstall Network manager after security updates killed mine. Fixed em after much doodling with other methods updates took after that and have not caused a problem again. As with all configs you may not have the same luck as I. Worh a try though.

Doing a reinstall got my WLAN back to live. Apparently some used components were incompatible. I thought dependencies should prevent that? Unfortunately, I still can’t use bluetooth…

Hcitool scan works fine and the hardware is recognised here but there is no adaptor listed in the Kbluetooth device settings. Was working okay a couple of days ago. Using a MS 5000 BT mouse