no wireless or internet after new installation


I have just installed Suse 10.3 on my laptop and I have tried to configure the wireless on my laptop with no succes. I have configured the wireless settings and put in the correct connection info, but it does not connect. Also, when I try to configure my Ethernet card, it says the following:

Unable to configure network card becuase kernel device isnot present.

When I installed linux, I did not have it connected to the internet. I dont mind doing a new install if that would help doing so with the laptop connected to the internet during the installation.

Thanks for the help,


  • Geofoxer,

installing Opensuse 11 is not an option? Very often using the latest distribution fixes a problem without any hassle.


I have already tried suse 11, but it runs a little slowly on my laptop. I am going to give ubuntu a try. Thanks though,


  • Geofoxer,

it’s not like we don’t want to help you, sorry if that was the impression I gave. What laptop are we talking about? (unless you already installed Ubuntu :slight_smile: