no wireless keyboard and mouse, nor internet after installation-happens with each new release

I use an Intel Motherboard, because they work with linux. I have found that with 13.2 and leap 42.1, the wireless keyboard and mouse (logitech) and the wireless internet work during installation. However, after the first run of the new operating system, neither the wireless keyboard and mouse, nor the wireless internet work. I have had to re-install the system and manually select these two packages: lomoco for the logitech wireless keyboard and mouse (how about renaming this logitech) and wi for the wireless internet. After running the system for the first time with these packages, the wireless keyboard and mouse work, but the wireless internet doesn’t. I should also add, that I think it did with leap, but it definitely doesn’t in 13.2. I have removed leap because the applications keep freezing (libreoffice, xfig, okular, texmaker, thunderbird, firefox). Something is definitely wrong with leap. I have gone back to 13.2 and will retry leap in a years time. please note: with a frozen system, I am unable to report it.

On another matter, I am a GUI kind of user, not a command line type of user. Therefore, trying to use diskscan (for example) to see if the hard drive is faulty isn’t possible: I have tried every type of command structure, but am blocked by the sda for the drive and where the drive is because the file format is btrfs or whatever it is called. Users like me would really appreciate more work in making OpenSuse more GUI orientated.