no wireless after resume from S3

Open Suse 11.1, Linux linux-ma5q
wireless card = BCM4328
driver = broadcom wl
system = Compaq 6715b

On resume from S3 the wireless will not connect.
iwlist scan shows my network so I think the wireless card works.
killed NetworkManager as root
restarted NetworkManager& and now wireless connects.

maybe this will help someone

I see the same problem on my site. The reason is that the dhclient isn’t started.
Does anybody know how it should work after resume?

I was just going to open a thread because of this problem. I have it since last week. The only work around I found was to start my laptop with the wifi switch off, and then turn it on once Suse (11.1) is up an running. I have this problem with KDE & Gnome.

…Any help with this will by much appreciated!

yap i have the same thing. I resume from sleep or hibernation and i can’t connect to wireless although i see networks. Closing and starting KNetworkManager/KDE3 as user does not help. I have to restart to get connected. Can anyone enlighten confused lizards?

Pm-utils - openSUSE

Either adding the kernel module to the list of “SUSPEND_MODULES” or creating a custom hook which

a) reloads kernel modules


b) restarts network services

will most likely solve the problem.

thanks for advice.

“adding the kernel module to the list of “SUSPEND_MODULES”” I have no idea how to do it and where? edit hook called modules ?

as for modules reload i post my “50modules” hook that is present in pm-utils, is it enough?


. /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions

	 -z "$SUSPEND_MODULES" ] && return 0
	for x in $SUSPEND_MODULES ; do
		echo "trying to unload: $x"
		modunload $x
	return 0

	 -z "$RESUME_MODULES" ] && return 0
	for x in $RESUME_MODULES ; do
	 	echo "trying to reload: $x"
		modprobe $x

case "$1" in

exit $?

and as for restart of network service hook: what number should it be and should it be something like: /etc/rc.d/network restart
I would appreciate your help alot .
A :confused: