No "Windows" item in grub boot menu

Hello ! I have recently installed opensuse on an empty disk, and I do not understand why can I not retrieve my Windows UEFI (it is on another disk).
I launched os-porber but no result… I do not understand why my Windows boot partition is missing… The only thing I have done is installing Tumbleweed on another drive :sweat_smile:

Is fast boot on in Windows??? it can block Linux from seeing Windows.

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What is the output from:

efibootmgr -v

Hello and thank you for having moved my reply to a post.

Here is what I tried :
ls /boot/efi/EFI/

Moreover, I have been looking directly inside of my BIOS, and Windows EFI option has completely disappeared… I am suspecting that installing opensuse broke something (even if the disk where I installed opensuse is different from the one that contains windows)

Now I cannot answer you about the efibootmgr -v command because I am trying to reinstall Windows on my disk, so I have formated this disk.

That should not be caused by openSUSE. It could be caused by your BIOS.

My previous desktop (which is still in use as a network server) did something like that. When I install openSUSE (I think it was version 12.3), all worked fine. But the BIOS removed the EFI boot entry for Windows (it was Windows 8.1).

Well, no problem. Grub still found it, and there was a grub menu entry for Windows. So I could boot Windows that way. But Windows then reinstalled its own EFI boot entry, and the BIOS removed the openSUSE boot entry. There were workarounds for this. But it turned out that if I used a separate EFI partition for openSUSE, everything would work. Apparently the BIOS wanted only one boot entry per EFI partition.

My point is that this is a more likely explanation of what happened to the BIOS boot entry for Windows.

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Hello and thank you for your answer. I think that I am obliged to reinstall both Windows and OpenSUSE… Or I maybe can I install Windows on a VM.

@Madman Hi, or your windows install is Legacy boot?

No no, I am sure it was uefi boot

@Madman so do you have two efi partitions?


For windows there is a command to run for rebuilding the uefi entries etc.

Still seems that fast boot is on in Windows if it it then Windows will not be seen from Linux including OS-prob. Or you have over written Windows when you installed Linux