No Windows in Grub

I had to repair the Grub loader through the installation DVD and now only OpenSuse shows up in the grub. I know my Windows XP partition is still bootable but I am not sure on how to add it back into grub. It is on at sda2 and when I do the “cfdisk” command, the flag is shown as boot. I just need to know what to add into the grub.


Can someone just copy the Grub options of their Windows XP boot option? I just need to quickly add that in.

I was able to fix this. At first I was using the Menu Loader option when I needed to use the Chain Loader option. Now I can boot Windows.

First, It is not a reply, it’s just another problem,
:frowning: During instulation my windows (vista, ntfs)drivers had deleted, but not formatted,

i do most of solutions, but it seems as linux deletes them, windows recoveries may not solve it.

please help me, as my job is going to be lost:X

sayid-try ‘testdisk’, be sure to read the how to use. TestDisk - CGSecurity

If it does not work need to see output from ‘fdisk -l’ -l is a small L.

First: this is a reply. If you want attention for your problem, start a new thread with a proper title. That way others will see your post and know what it’s about.


i do most of solutions
is no good. One problem has one solutions. This makes me think that you’ve already messed up a lot of things, instead of reading and (!!!) backing things up first.

Third: please be more clear about what the problem is. Include things like, openSUSE version, type of system (32/64bit) etc. etc.