No window' decorations on Compiz (Gnome 2) after installing 11.4 64bit

After installing opensuse 11.4 (64bit- gnome 2), enabling compiz effects makes windows’ decorations disappear.
I can solve this by doing

gtk-window-manager --replace

but I have to do this every log in.
Any suggestion ?


sorry the command is

gtk-window-decorator --replace&

but it works without the option too

I got some more information from the file ~/.xsession-errors where the following

gnome-session[9616]: WARNING: Could not parse desktop file /etc/xdg/autostart/ksmolt-autostart.desktop: Nome chiave non valido: X-KDE-autostart-condition$e]
gnome-session[9616]: WARNING: could not read /etc/xdg/autostart/ksmolt-autostart.desktop
gnome-session[9616]: WARNING: Unable to find provider 'gtk-window-decorator' of required component 'windowmanager'
** (gnome-settings-daemon:9722): WARNING **: Can not run apport-checkreports
( libnotify-WARNING **: Missing symbol 'gdk_screen_make_display_name'
( libnotify-WARNING **: Missing symbol 'gdk_screen_make_display_name'
** (nm-applet:9798): WARNING **: get_all_cb: couldn't retrieve system settings properties: (2) The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSystemSettings was not provided by any .service files.
** (nm-applet:9798): WARNING **: fetch_connections_done: error fetching system connections: (2) The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSystemSettings was not provided by any .service files.
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** WARNING:(/usr/src/packages/BUILD/nspluginwrapper-1.3.0/src/npw-wrapper.c:3160):invoke_NP_Initialize: assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(g_rpc_connection))

some hints on how to solve the warning how to find the windowmanager and the NSPlugin?

Then issuing compiz --replace ccp & emerald --replace &

emerald: command not found
Backend     : ini
Integration : true
Profile     : default
Adding plugins
Initializing core options...done
Initializing composite options...done
Initializing opengl options...done
Initializing imgjpeg options...done
Initializing decor options...done
Initializing place options...done
Initializing mousepoll options...done
compiz (core) - Error: Plugin 'text' not loaded.

Initializing thumbnail options...done
compiz (core) - Error: Plugin 'text' not loaded.

compiz (shift) - Warn: No compatible text plugin loaded

I updated to the repository X11:Compiz packages with no results

Use the compiz settings manager to set the window decoration. The log just shows WARNINGS , not errors.

compiz wasn’t able to load the text plugin it shouldn’t be so.

Then using the fusion-icon package I was able to set the window decorator. I suspect that it is a bug because on my laptop I experienced the same problem same version of opensuse but different hardware.

reading this post

Troubleshooting - Compiz Wiki

I discovered that is due to the fact that at the login compiz is unable to start. The effect of the fusion-icon is to restart compiz.
I have an intel card.

Is a log to look into to know why compiz doesn’t start?

Ciao Roberto,
I use Compiz 9.5 by kde 4.7. For now I show you how to start compiz manually, if works just put a script in your autostart.
Supported window decorators by compiz:
gtk and kde. Emerald doesn’t work anymore, BUT you can install Smaragt as kde window decorator under kde4 and load it in compiz with kde4-window-decorator --replace, what I do also. Smaragt uses as decoration the skin in ~/.emerald/theme.
Loading compiz:
if there is already some window manager loaded use compiz-manager --replace
if there is no window manager at all use just compiz-manager.

I’d take a look in:


In my first post in this thread I attached the results of a grep to the file you pointed to.

Grep to “error” give no results I got something meaningful only for warning.

Upgrading to 0.9.5 of compiz from the build repository X11:Compiz solved the problem.