No way to "Mark forum as read"

The first huge drop of functionality. Actually, developers apparently did not even understand the request.

Rejected by discourse developers

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I always view posts on discourse forums using the “New” tab. At the end of the list of posts there is a link to mark all posts as read.

Except your post was not “New”, but “Unread”. Why this artificial split is beyond me.

But yes, it is workaround for the lack of proper interface.

No, it is not. “New” only shows new discussions, it does not show old discussions with updates unless I also participated in them. In which case they are shown as “Unread”.

So we are back at square one. I can stay on “Latest” and I will get all updated discussions but to mark each discussion as “seen” I have to enter each one individually. There is no “Dismiss” on the “Latest” view. Which is exactly what OP in the old discussion I mentioned tried to explain.

Pity, because otherwise it certainly looks nice, editor is much better than on the old forum and there are some useful features.

Playing with the “Keyboard Shortcuts” in the top right Hamburger seems to offer some functionality around “new” and “unread” –

  • But, I haven’t had much luck, yet, with “Dismiss New” and “Dismiss Topics” …

OK, apparently it depends on tracking status. I set categories of interest to “Tracking” and now “Unread” also includes discussions with new posts. Still not of them, apparently at least some imported discussions are not included in “Unread”. I see unread posts in “Latest” but they do not appear in “Unread”.

I wish there were any explanation what all these “Tracking”, “Watching” etc mean. Description that “Tracking with track” is not that useful.

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“Discourse New User Guide” :

Not particularly useful, I think most of us have probably discovered what is covered in the guide, nonetheless maybe worth a browse through…

I must say that personally I’m not too keen on Discourse, it strikes me as ideal for general social chatter, but not perhaps the best for technical support forums, but hey! I’m just a grumpy old luddite…


Well, it confirms what I suspected - “Unread” covers only those topics that I have visited. Besides, discourse decides for me whether I visited them or not and I have no way to influence it. This guide stresses that those settings are default:

what’s ‘New’ to you : by default , new topics are those created in the last 2 days
what topics are “Unread” : by default , unread topics are those that you have previously opened and read for at least 4 minutes

but I do not see any way to change those defaults for individual user.

So, we again made a full circle and there is no way to implement simple workflow from the old forum - review all new posts since my last visit and bulk mark all of them as “seen”, “read” or whatever. Besides, if I am away for a long period and return to forum, I will only see posts in the last 2 days as “new” which is entirely useless.

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Yes, the ability to mark all as read is a feature very sadly lacking, it did as you say enable a very simple, and indeed logical, workflow.

Re: the 2 days, under: “Preferences → Notifications - Consider topics new when” there’s the option “Created since I was here last”

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The big problem is all those NEW posts that are mostly old news.

This morning, there were 80 of them. I did read about 3 or 4 that were genuinely new (I looked at the poster icon and it wasn’t the newsboy).

After reading those 3 or 4, I went to the bottom of the page and clicked “Dismiss New”. That seems to be the equivalent of marking the forum as read.

Did you try to read this topic from the beginning? It is not.

Those are set in the notifications settings in your user profile:


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