No VPN tab/menu Gnome Network Manager

I have been using privateinternetaccess as a vpn successfully with chrome but would like to configure the vpn using the gnome NetworkManager menu.

Unfortunately it doesn’t give me the vpn tab as has I was used to pre 42.3 - I upgraded a while ago.

It most likely that its something I’ve done as I can start the vpn from the command line.

Lazy wanting the gui to work for me but there you are.

Have reinstalled NetworkManager, NetworkManager-gnome and NetworkManager-openvpn to no avail.

Any ideas?

Well I can answer my own question.


There’s actually an import config function that works nicely - point it at the ovpn file of the endpoint you wish to configure - type in username and password and all done :->

And there was still one more problem.

After importing the ovpn file, in the advanced section under security check that HMAC Authentication is set to sha-1

Without checking, I assume that SHA-1 might only be default and other algorithms can be specified.
Also, Network Manager looks different in different Desktops, but in general all functions are supported one way or another.
It’s likely that if you “created New Connection” you would have seen your VPN setup.