No virtual terminal after boot

I installed openSUSE 11.2 without any issue.

My desktop has a Matrox 450 vidoe card and a
Samsung 2333 1920x1080 DVI ready monitor.

The installation code correctly recognized
the video card and display and configured
my X.

However, after boot is complete,
Ctrl-Alt-F[2-6] can not give me a virtual
console. KDE works great on vt-7.

If I hit ctrl-alt-F2, the display shows a
little window saying
“Not Optimum Mode, Recommended Mode 1920x1080 60Hz”

During the boot, I could see the text message if I hit ESC.

The best resolution GRUB supports on my machine is “vga=ox31a” (1280x1024) and this
what I use in my menu.lst file.

Any way to get the virtual terminals back ?

Thanks in Advance.

  • Pau

BTW, mingetty is running on vt-1 to vt-6 if I do a “ps -ef | grep getty”.