No videomode option with installer!

Finally updating my main laptop, I was very surprised to see all of the options missing, especially the video mode! How is the installer video mode set with 15.2?

Not sure what you are referring to.
The installer shows a few options via F1-F6 only when booting on a MBR-Legacy system, generally laptops manufactured before 2012 or so.
If you are not seeing those “buttons” on the bottom of the screen you are likely booting the installer on an EFI system; there is no need to adjust video options on EFI systems, but maybe some settings are available in your firmware (aka “BIOS”) so maybe hit the magic key combination that brings you to the firmware setup (maybe ESC, or F11, or F2 or…) during the POST phase and adjust what you are able to adjust.
If I’m missing the target, please explain what you expect to be able to do.

It is an EFI system, but I have never noticed missing function keys before, even on other EFI systems.

When booting the thumb drive, the fonts are about 1/8" tall on the screen, and totally inscrutable; the current boot screen on this laptop is at least double that font size. Nothing in BIOS related to font size.

Are there grub2 options that apply?


Press ‘e’ to edit current menu item, add video=WxH to linuxefi command line, press F10 (or ^X) to boot edited menu item.

To be clear, enabling a lower resolution screen in normal usage provides bigger text by default, so e.g.:

  • for a 4k screen, try video=2560x1440 or video=2048x1152 or video=1920x1080
  • for a 2k screen, try video=2048x1152 or video=1920x1080 or video=1600x900
  • for 1080p/HDTV or a 1920x1200 screen, try video=1600x900 or 1440x900

For openSUSE installation, XVideo= must be substituted for video=, with an additional option to append ,DPI. Thus for a 4k screen one might instead of the above try


to keep 4k quality while adjusting font height by a nominal +75%, physical size by +206.25%.