no video with ATI drivers

i just installed ATI catalyst 8.7 drivers on my pc running opensuse when i try to play any videos in kaffeine or vlc,all i can see is a blank screen while the audio is running.i tried to change a few setting but nothing changed.
what setting do i have to change??

You will need to edit the xorg.conf file on your system

change or add this line and try it

Section “Extensions”
Option “Composite” “false”

there are a few other setting you can try over in the Ati how toif it doesn’t work as well.

BTw I also suggest having VLC as your default player as after you install the ati drivers kaffine and a few others seem to render very slow in full screen mode but worked fine with the default drivers, not sure why.

In addition to torphoto’s suggestion, take a look at the output video mode in those applications, and try other settings rather than xv(xvideo)/auto. ie. try “x11” or “xshm”.

VLC-preferences-advanced options- video-filters-clone-video output modules-x11-save

double-clicking the left mouse button when play movie, right button-subtitles track-select :rolleyes:

Thanks! I was having same problems. Setting composite to “false” in xorg.conf also got Google Earth working for me. Great!