No video response during installation (Noob User)

I am a perfect linux noob user, i have an ati 5750 card, so when i try to install opensuse 11.3 KDE, i click “install” i see a loading then just a black screen with the monitors led blinking, i had this issue before with kubuntu, but i find on forums that i have to use command : xforcevesa, and it worked, i don"t know similar command for opensuse. i am switching to opensuse cause i had some problems with Kubuntu.
note that i tried all options in installation’s menu, no acpi, vesa, low resolution…

You could try the installation boot code ‘nomodeset’ … or a Safe Settings install.

The boot code ‘nomodeset’ didn’t help. How to use Safe Settings install ??

Press F3 and select. You might also try a test install.