No video display after installation

Installed & re-installed SUSE 11 4 times & thought I finally got it right. Everything went fine on the 4th installation, updated all relevant patches/packages & I started to customise desktop etc. It detected my video card (ATI) & resolution correctly. Also, SUSE ran faster than XP on the same machine :slight_smile:

Trouble came when I rebooted the machine. It went to grub as it should & the green SUSE wallpaper came on with the start-up progress bar. When the progress bar went about half way, the whole screen went blank. The pc is still going & I can hear the welcome tune on my speakers but no display. Safe mode won’t help either.

Does anyone know where I should look ? I have read past messages re ATI driver issue (ver 9) but I would have thought this version 11 would have sorted it out.

Can anyone help ?


Did you try pressing escape as soon as the green splash screen comes up after grub? When you do this you can see the processes behind the status bar which may help work out what the problem is.

This may or may not work:
At the boot screen type the numeral 1 and press enter. That should get you into runlevel 1 console where you log in as root. Try these things in order, then next one after the previous one fails:

  1. sax2
  2. startx
  3. sax2 -m 0=vesa
  4. sax2 -a
  5. sax2 -r

One of those will get you into the GUI as root you can rejig the video card in Yast

Thanks. Will try this tonite & post.


Thanks. Will attempt this tonite & post results.


I managed to solve the problem by re-installing. Thought that will be a good idea as I made the mistake of installing too many packages I don’t need (got carried away). This time, I skipped online update during install. Ho & behold, everything went on so smoothly & quickly. After fresh install, I rebooted several times to make sure display is ok. Once I am satisfied, I performed necessary online updates.

Thanks for all your help.