No vfat support OpenSuse 11?

So I went to plug in a thumb drive today that’s formatted with FAT and received the following notification:

Cannot Mount Volume.

The volume ‘NEW VOLUME’ uses the vfat file system which is not supported by your system.

I can’t find anywhere how to enable this in the kernel. I’m running an OpenSuse 11 system with all updates installed. Any information or suggestions is greatly appreciate. I also get this error when trying to use 'mount.

VFAT should work without any kludges and the system should autoload the module as needed.

However it’s possible that if you were in the middle of a kernel update while working (as one was released a few days ago and perhaps you didn’t reboot?) and since vfat is compiled as a module it would not have been able to load it.

To test, open a terminal:
su -
modprobe vfat

Then see what happens.