No Update Notifications After Upgrade


After upgrading my workstation from 15.2 to 15.3, I have stopped receiving notifications that there are updates to be installed. I am talking about notifications like this:

I have compared the workstation setting to a VM that I use to test updates, and everything appears to be the same. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

NOTE: When I run the manual updating in yast, all works.

Those notifications come from the software updater for your desktop. I use KDE, and I disable the notifications in System Tray settings. I don’t know what desktop environment you are using.

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Will do. Thank You for the information. I was not aware of this practice.

I was not aware of this. I am currently using LXDE and since the LXDE Control Panel application does not want to run, I am going to use this as the push to move off of LXDE. Thank You.