No touchpad after booting up


My touch pad (Dell inspiron 15 5555) doesn’t work after my Leap boots up, in the first 10-20 seconds it works but suddenly it stops working.
I also had this issue during the installation, at first I had touch pad but after a couple of seconds it stopped working.
I don’t have this problem in Tumbleweed.
I also read about it but couldn’t find any solution for that.

any help would be appreciated .


Please write which GUI you’re using: KDE, GNOME, something else?

Please note the Touchpad issue noted in the Leap 42.3 Release Notes: <> Section “2.1.2 Synaptics Touchpad Driver with KDE Plasma”.

I’m using KDE,
but I didn’t have touch pad during setup as well.
I do have touchpad in Tumbleweed and also in Kubuntu.

I also took a look at this thread mouse - Dell Inspiron 3551 Unresponsive Touchpad - Ask Ubuntu, hoping find some clues, but didn’t work out.

What should I do? :frowning:


Since you report no problems with TW, perhaps upgrading the kernel (for your Leap install) will help here.

zypper ar -f kernel
zypper ref
zypper dup -r kernel

then reboot, and check touchpad behaviour

Hi Deano,
Many many thanks,
It worked! and now I have my touchpad working,
I really appreciate it.:):wink:

Best Regards,