No Theora encoder and related programs in the OBS?

When searching the OBS or zypper for Thogen or even libtheora it doesn’t come up with any hits. Is there any reason why the above programs are not packaged for SUSE? Any place to suggest them to be packaged?


that is for ripping dvds though, so it may not be what you’re looking for.

i have several that show up in my search, such as: ffmpeg2theora, libtheora0, etc.

maybe you don’t have the repos that contain them enabled or maybe you don’t have them at all.

Well I was asking for ether a program that could rip dvds and encode them to Theora, or something that could take video files I already have on my computer, both mpeg and avi, and encode them into Theora and Vorbis. Just so I can see first hand what it is like compared to the proprietary media options. I guess that is what my problem is I was using the and was searching for Thoggen and libtheora instead of libtheora0 (the 0 is not something I would have guessed to add. So any known program that can convert AVI -> Theora video vorbis audio and a OGM container?

Try a search on Packman. They have a great search engine.
PackMan :: search for theora

Well I tested out ffmpet2theora using default settings to convert a Mpeg-4 video and it worked out well, I like the quality I got from it. The only thing about the default settings is it defaulted to using a .ogv container instead of .ogm, which next to OGM OGV was barely recognized by KDE 4. What I mean by this is there was not icon for it, and according to Dolphin the only media players, out of the handful I have installed, that can play the OGV file is Real Player 10 which complains about it being a unsupported format and Mplayer which freaked out and crashed on me. I was able to open it by hand in Dragon Player and the OGV file played perfectly. I have a couple of videos with OGM container, all use xvid for video, and KDE 4 has no problem recognizing them. Would specifying “-o filename.ogm” for ffmpeg2theora have any kind of effect that will keep the video from being playable?