No themes after 42.1 installation

I migrated from 13.2 to 42.1 by doing an install, not an upgrade, over the existing partitions. The system runs but the main screen is black with the green light bulb. I went to Settings/Configure Desktop/Appearance/Workplace Theme/Look and Feel which shows 3 themes, Breeze,.Breeze Dark and Opensuse. If I select any one of them, click Apply, nothing changes. If I reboot I get the same black screen with light bulb. If I look into Desktop Theme, there are 3 blocks labeled Air openSUSE, Breeze and Breeze Dark but the blocks are blank. What am I missing?

There are systemsettings4 for KDE4 and systemsettings5 for Plasma…

systemsettings for KDE4.

Sorry, I responded to the wrong item.

Would it hurt you to say what they are and where to find them. Now your answer doesn’t help at all.

With systemsettings you configure your KDE/Plasma
But systemsettings works only for KDE4 and systemsettings5 works with Plasma.
So if you want to change your Desktop Apperance use systemsettings5 for Leap and systemsettings for openSUSE 13.2 and KDE4.

I am on Plasma 5/KDE 5 and the Applications Menu shows 1 Settings/Configure Desktop/Appearance/Workspace Theme selection. The Look and Feel selections are Plasma 5 Breeze, Breeze Dark and openSUSE. There is no selection for systemsettings/systemsettings5.

Try it from Konsole?