No system sound after upgrade to 13.1

I upgraded openSUSE 12.3 to 13.1 and have no system sound whatsoever after KDE is loaded…I miss that sound :frowning:

Enter “Configure Desktop”->“Application and System Notifications” and configure whatever sound you want… :wink:
The login sound is located in the Component “KDE Workspace”.

I found it and activated it again…why was it deactivated upon upgrade, I don’t know…dammit :slight_smile: Thanks, wolfi, again!

Well, KDE’s developers decided to deactivate it by default for KDE 4.11.

the KDE4 login sound is a bit dated.
Perhaps openSUSE should develop its own login sound (to be used on all DEs???) :slight_smile:

That’s actually a nice idea. I wouldn’t mind that either.

I got a great one