no starup/shutdown sound in 4.1?

Ever since I updated to kde 4.1 I no longer have the statup, shutdown, or any other suse os sounds. I know that my sound card is working because I can play mp3s with no problem. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, I lost it 2 updates back in my KDE4 install; still have sound in Yast & all my games, etc; but, no startup, shutdown. KDE notification sounds. And, I haven’t found how to turn them on – actually haven’t looked that hard:)

Yea thats what other people have been saying. Good luck, I cant even find where to modify the system settings in this version.

Okay, check this:

Open Personal Settings/Sound. Click the backend tab. Do you have a xine backend there?

If not, close the program, open yast and search for phonon to install the phonon xine backend. Once installed, reopen personal settings and make sure xine is on top.

Apply, and log out. When logged in again, you should have your system-sounds back. It worked for me at least (using the facotory packages of 4.1 RC1 (4.0.98). And no, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work with the gstreamer backend.

If it still doesn’t work, see if you can get the sounds playing by using the test mechanism in Personal settings/Notifications (there’s a small play button on the events set up to play a sound). You’ll find the login/logout events under “Event source: KDE System Notifications”.

Worked great for me thanks for the tip

where is personl settings? I dont see it under the start button.

In that case, hit alt-f2. Type systemsettings in the dialog that pops up and you’re ready to go

do you have configure desktop on the favorites tap click it if you do that gives you your personal settings

Sweet thats what I was looking for. what to put in the run command to get to the settings. It worked. Wonder why they didnt add a shortcut to it in the kicker in this version???