no sound


on a lenovo s430 with suse 12.3, i have no sound

alsamixer in the card section return me

in yast test sound is ok

in kde, phonon don’t show any audio card.

any idea?

Enable PulseAudio in YasT > Hardware > Sound > Other > PulseAudio Configuration

Restart your system.

worked, but that strange because pulse audio was already active…

Good news, and even better if it stays that way. :slight_smile:

Yes, unusual these days. However, the information provided in post #1 tells me that sound and alsamixer tested ok, but the pulseaudio support in KDE provided by Phonon (certainly missing) and KMix (not mentioned) had failed to materialize. The restart was important, having made sure that YaST’s configuration would cause the relevant startup script for initializing pulseaudio to be executed. Glad that worked, or it could get difficult.