No Sound

hi All
I am a newbie to SUSE.

My system is a Dell 8400, 2MB ram, Creative Media SB X-Fi card
Dual boot system WIN/SUSE

I have tried using YaST/hardware/sound and configuring a Creative card with SB audigy and used quick automatic set up. When I get an alarm “Kernal module snd-ca0106 for sound support could not be loaded”
I tried other model options as mine is not listed, with similar results. Is it that my card is not supported?

SDB:AudioTroubleshooting, followed this thread which did not help

Some assistance would be very much appreciated

The problem here is your X-Fi is not supported.

So is there a way around this?

I’ve read of some users having limited success with a beta OSS driver (as opposed to alsa). You will have to surf this forum (with the search function) to read about their trials and tribulations.

Alternatively you can get a different sound card, being VERY careful to first ensure your different sound device has superb support.

Or if it is essential (to the exclusion of other considerations) that this sound device work for you, then switch to an OS like WinXP or Vista that may have better support for the device. If you still want to use Linux at the same time, you could run Linux as a virtual client under one of those OS. I think the virtualized sound should work in Linux that way.

thx for your reply, will investigate OSS avenue, did you say XP or Vista, YUCK didnt think cursing was allowed

Sorry we’re not zealots here - everyone should use what they feel like using and what suits their purposes . :slight_smile: