No sound!

I’m trying to set up mythtv on my openSUSE 11. I have a creative sound blaster audigy 2 sb0400 and I have no sound. I have followed this guide (SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE) up until step 3. I was following this part: "wget

then run the script (copy and paste this into a gnome-terminal/konsole):


But i get this back: “bash: /usr/sbin/ No such file or directory”

Please help I’m making a PVR for a project and I need my sound so I ca get back to working on it!

Take a look here, to see if it might be a mixer configuration problem that you might be experiencing:
[Solution] Creative Audigy 1/2 + 11.0 + KDE/GNOME + ALSA - openSUSE Forums](

I don’t have kmix. Could that be why I have no sound?

The guide also notes if downloading the script to your drive to run doesn’t work, you can run it directly with this:

wget -O && bash 

I confess I prefer the output of the other script because it gives a very nice mixer summary:

 wget && su -c 'bash ./tsalsa' 

enter root password when prompted for a password. Can you post the output URL it produces here?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. KDE3 ? KDE4 ? Gnome?

Gnome typically does not use kmix.

OK because I have GNOME…I though the guide said it was for GNOME I’m sorry I got confused on that