No sound Zotac GT 240 HDMI ALSA openSUSE 11.3

I have a Zotac GT 240 videocard but I can not get the sound through HDMI working.
I have done all the possible solution in this wiki:

The results can be found here:

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(I can’t reply technically my self now, because I need to rush to work, and I am away on business Tuesday/Wednesday this week).

Sound is working correctly now.
By default the noveau driver is loaded. Even after nvidia drivers installation from repository the noveau drivers where used. I had to blacklist the noveau driver an I have installed the nvidia drivers from the nvidia website.
Installation of the Nvidia driver is found here:
Found A newbie friendly way for nvidia & nouveau
After that I reduced the sound adapter count from 4 to 1 by following the as mentioned earlier (top of this post)

Good to read you got it sorted. Welcome here, BTW.

I am also glad to read its working. Did you need to add your regular user to group audio to get audio working for them, or did this work ‘as is’ ? I noted in one of my 2 PCs (where I installed the proprietary grapic driver) I had to add the regular user to group audio.