No Sound With Flash In Firefox

Im not really sure where i should put this, in apps or in multimedia so i just threw it in here. Im running openSUSE 11.2 i568 with Firefox 3.6.10 and i cant get sound to work with flash videos such as videos on youtube and songs like on myspace. any ideas?

Ensure you have flash-player installed. Check your mixer’s PCM setting. It will dynamically reset itself sometimes to a low volume control when applications (such as flash) are started. Also, if using KDE, check the the settings (order of sound devices) in KMenu > Configure Desktop Multimedia match that in YaST > Hardware > Sound

Thank you so much for the quick reply, thats what i love about the linux community. but i figured it out. all i had to do was switch from the standard adobe to the iced-tea plug in. i feel kinda stupid cause simple problems like i can normally figure out.