No sound on youtube or other videos (OpenSuse 11.3 kde)... Found solution

I have Intel HDA (dont know if happens to other brands)

I had this problem and I though it was an outdated flash package or something. It turns out that when I check on the volume in the taskbar and enter mixer PCM was muted. If you raise it all the videos will be heard :slight_smile:

Though it would help others with similar problems at least to diagnose it because I almost burned my brain thinking and doing lot of sht and it turned out it was something as simple like that.

Thanks for your suggestion El_Cangri on checking your mixer configuration to make sure it is setup properly. I might also add you may want to look at the channels option as not all sound controls may be added and perhaps one or more need to be added. Your advice to taking a closer look at your mixer settings is very ***Sound ***advice. lol!

Thank You,


Something so simple gets overlooked… In fact I never would have thought that was the problem lol

saved me a lot of time

Cheers for that El_Cangri…saved me time too, not just for YouTube but Amarok also.

No problem guys. That affects almost everything. I dont know why the PCM is seperated, independent. I would just “globalized” it.

WWWWWWWWWWWoooow, thank all of you, it was over 2 weeks with no sounds…It’s working again :):):):slight_smile:

The big questions is, I had my amarok all working with no problems while the other sounds were gone after installing some updates from repository.

In my case, the volume level of the PCM was in the middle, I mean, it was’nt muted at all, and just by taking to the max level of the PCM device I could finally hear sound on youtube. So, try by taking to the max level the PCM.

hey, had the same problem, this solved it brilliantly :slight_smile:

Thanks dude