No sound on webpages thanks to headset

Hi all,

As you may or may not know, I recently got a Logitech Clearchat Pro headset for Christmas. I configured it as the primary soundcard and, after I select it as Master Channel in Kmix, it works perfectly.

The problem now is that whenever I want to listen to sound on webpages (ie. Youtube) through anything but the headset, well, I can’t.

It seems now that browsers don’t recognize that the headset’s been unplugged, so they still try to play through the empty USB port. System sounds and Amarok recognize when the headset’s not there - the system says, when the Logitech’s been unplugged, that it “no longer works, falling back to HDA Intel” - but the web browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, don’t produce any sound.

I’ve tried changing “HDA Intel” back to the primary sound card, but then the system doesn’t automatically switch to the Logitech headset when it’s plugged in because it’s not of “higher priority”.

Any suggestions?


IMHO you may have to go back and forth to YaST each time you plug the headphones in and out to change your default sound device.


Why does everything in Linux have to be so much more complex than Windows? It’s been around for almost as long, and it has advantages, such as no antivirus software. Yet people choose to make their things work (natively) with Windows and Mac only, even though Macs can sometimes be more complex than Linux!

'Tis indeed a strange, strange world we live in.