No sound on startup, it appears only after rebooting


I got strange problem with my Crystal Sound 4281 PCI audiocard. I’m using ALSA [driver’s name is: snd-cs4281]. This soundcard is the only one on my PC and configured as default sound device. My soundcard doesn’t work on startup * but it appears after PC being rebooted. Every time I reboot PC soundcard works perfectly but when I shut it down it and then immediatly turn it on, sound’s gone again. Please, can you help me to solve this damned problem?

Thanks alot for your help.*

Next time this happens, try typing in a gnome-terminal / konsole:
**su -c ‘rcalsasound restart’
*and test your sound, and see if that works

yes, it works, thank you! But I still wonder why such things happen. It looks like the only solution is to write this command to a shell script and automatically execute it on startup + play with sudoers file to avoid asking for a root password all the time, right?

Just add the line:
rcalsasound restart
to your /etc/init.d/boot.local file, and see if that helps.

Are you using an ndiswrapper for a wireless connection? (I’ve read of users who are using that wrapper having this problem).

My pc is a Windows Xp SP3, the audio only works when I reboot the pc, then it works perfectly. I use Intel integrated audio, Intel(R) 82801BA/BAM AC '97 Audio Controller

I have reinstalled the drivers, installed new ones, and have installed new audio codecs and Legacy drivers.Nothing worked, please help!

Did you try the suggested:

su -c 'rcalsasound restart'

Does this behaviour happen after a cold power-on, or only after a hot reboot from an MS-WinXP session?

What is your test for determining audio works? Are you using ALL of the recommended tests from step-1 in the audio troubleshooting guide? SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE