no sound on sony vaio 64bit OS11.1


I am running KDE4.3RC3 64-bit openSUSE 11.1 on my sony vaio laptop. When I start the OS, I get an error msg for my sound card and it fallback to default device.
I am able to get sound in vlc but Amarok is not working.
I followed alsa update link: Alsa-update - openSUSE
but got the following prints

linux-w5lp:/home/mukul #          zypper ar multimedia
Adding repository 'multimedia' [done]
Repository 'multimedia' successfully added
Enabled: Yes
Autorefresh: No

linux-w5lp:/home/mukul #          zypper install alsa-driver-kmp-default
New repository or package signing key received:
Key ID: F54EB54C20F035D8
Key Name: multimedia:audio OBS Project <>
Key Fingerprint: F293D117CA0C96D2BFF429B1F54EB54C20F035D8
Repository: multimedia

Do you want to reject the key, trust temporarily, or trust always? [R/t/a/?]: a
Building repository 'multimedia' cache [done]
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...

The following NEW package is going to be installed:

Overall download size: 9.3 M. After the operation, additional 62.7 M will be used.
Continue? [YES/no]: YES
Retrieving package alsa-driver-kmp-default- (1/1), 9.3 M (62.7 M unpacked)
Retrieving: alsa-driver-kmp-default- [done (197.1 K/s)]
Installing: alsa-driver-kmp-default- [done]
Additional rpm output:
WARNING: /lib/modules/ needs unknown symbol snd_card_new
WARNING: /lib/modules/ needs unknown symbol snd_card_new
WARNING: /lib/modules/ needs unknown symbol snd_card_new
WARNING: /lib/modules/ needs unknown symbol snd_card_new
26456 blocks

I’ve HDA-Intel sound card.

How can I get sound in Amarok too.

This is a known bug in openSUSE-11.1 associated with some audio devices. It is believed to have no affect on the audio.

ahhh … your title is a bit misleading. When I read the title, I had thought you had no sound on your Sony Viao 64bit openSUSE-11.1. But I see you do have sound on it, but rather th eproblem is with some 64-bit version of Amarok.

Unfortuntely, your subject Title may not garner the attention you want to solve this. I don’t use KDE-4, so I can’t help.

I recommend you start a new thread, and in the new thread put a more salient subject, so that you have a superior chance of attracting the attention of someone who knows the solution to this Amarok hiccup.

Please specify in the text of your post what version of Amarok you are attempting to use, and whether it is a Novell/SuSE-GmbH packaged Amarok, or a Packman packaged Amarok, or some other packaged version of Amarok.

Also specify which sound engine you have selected in your Amarok version, and from where you obtained the sound engine. … ie is it the xine sound engine, using libxine1 as packaged by Packman, or is it a version of xine packaged by some other packager?

hmm … If vlc was successfully playing sound before you installed that rpm, then I believe that was the wrong approach. It could lead to problems later (where you will have no sound in any application) if there is a subsequent kernel update.

I installed the Amarok from KDE4.3 repo. I think because it is still in RC so there may be a little bug. But the thing is it was working perfectly fine on the first day of install i.e. when I upgraded to KDE4.2 Then later the same day, I upgraded to KDE4.3RC3 n that’s when i lost d sound. I’ll wait for the official release. N if still the problem persists, then i’ll start a new thread with an apt title as suggested by you.