No sound on Raspberry Pi4 aarch64

I’ve just installed an OpenSuse Tumbleweed(LXQT) on a SD card and I’m now running it on a raspberry Pi4 with 4Gb of RAM, everything is working well except for the audio, I can’t listen anything and the sound card is not being recognised, I just have a dummy card inside pulse audio mixer.

Is there a way to make the audio work on the raspberry Pi 4 ? I would like to have HDMI audio or if not possible at least the jack output audio…

Is there any blob firmware to load in order to make the embedded audio device to work ?

I followed the installation instructions here:

Thank you!


AFAIK, sound support of RPi4 is not in upstream kernel yet.

No sound is available even from upstream for RPi4’s it’s W.I.P.

Ok, I understand, any idea which release of the kernel could include the support ?

On raspbian it seems to be working though, setting the flag hdmi_drive=2:
I have got HDMI sound to work through HDMI 0 with both a Sharp and a Panasonic TV by ‘uncommenting’ a line (hdmi_drive=2)

Maybe it would be better to update the known issues of the wiki page then.

You can login and edit the page if you want :wink: openSUSE follows upstream, so until it’s there, we wait…

I thought I had seen that the fix was included in the latest Tumbleweed version available.

That bug report, referenced under sound in that wiki page does (to best of my ability to read) does suggest sound is working for HDMI for Raspberry Pi4 under latest Tumbleweed.

Do you wish to investigate this further with help on this forum ? ( and no guarantees we will get it working with you, but we can try … ).

If you wish still to try, and since we don’t know your exact configuration for sound, could you run the following diagnostic script, and share the link it provides as to where the configuration was uploaded:


Run the above as a regular user (NOT as root) in an xterm or konsole with device connected to the internet. be certain to select the share/upload option. Then share here the output URL provided.

Again, no guarantees, but we can look at it and see if there is anything obviously wrong in your setup.