No sound on internet

Hi,Just started using openSuse 11.2 and I’m really liking the desktop. I got my head around the software repo’s and got all my drivers working but I just can’t work out how to get sound on firefox. Videos play fine (that was my problem with Mandriva) and the sound works everywhere else (Amorak,desktop sounds, etc) but firefox is silent (not just flash stuff). I’ve installed flash, java, mplayer and Gstreamer (but I had to change the vendor options). Am I missing some magic plugin or am i being incredibly stupid and there is some kind of “sound on” button I’ve missed? I’ve been searching for an answer all afternoon with no success. Im on a 32bit machine with an AC’97 sound controller (Driver: Intel ICH, modules: modprobe snd_intel8X0, Bus: PCI)

Note that one quirk with firefox and openSUSE (possibly other distro’s as well ?? ) is that when flashplayer plays a video that the PCM volume levels may dynamically jump to zero. In which case you need to go to your mixer and raise them up.

This does not happen to everyone but it has impacted a few users, so please go check this.

Also, when playing flash videos it is useful to ensure that no other applications are trying to use the audio device at the same time. In the past Linux has not been good for sharing audio between devices without some extra effort being made to work around the limitation.

Thanks! Your right, turned out the levels were turned down on the mixer, silly me. Having problems with video now, but I’ll post it on a separate thread.