No sound in flash

I’ve modified my asound.conf as stated in the perfectsetup wiki of pulseaudio for alsa applications, but I do not get any sound in flash. (using flash 10.2, opensuse 11.4)

  GNU nano 2.2.6            File: /etc/asound.conf                              

pcm.!default {
    type pulse
    hint.description "Default Audio Device"
ctl.!default {
    type pulse

Generally have you sound in your pc??
Could you go also and tell me in system settings–>multimedia–>phonon
what support system do you have?? For example Gstreamer, VLC, XINE??
And also try to install alsamixer and increase the sound bars and check to start menu the little microphon if sound is increased.

Yeah I have sound on the PC- spent a great deal trying to get HDMi output working with pulse.

The backend being used is gstreamer. And all the sound bars are cranked to 100% in alsamixer. But when playing flash videos, the playback stream does not show up on kmix/veromix, so pulse doesn’t even receive the audio.

Have you tried with alsamixer as I said?

fixed by adding those options to both /etc/asound.conf AND ~/.asoundrc