No sound in Firefox flash videos

I am using openSUSE 11.2 64-bit with Firefox 3.5.8 and Shockwave Flash plugin 10.0 r45. I am getting only video but no sound in Flash videos. Exactly how do I fix this?

Thank you very much.

There could be a few different reasons for your problem, and the solution provided may different dependent on your desktop (because each desktop handles sound differently). Are you a KDE user? A Gnome user ?

Some suggestions

  • start a video in Firefox and then check the mixer PCM level. That needs to be moved up in volume and it may have dynamically moved down to zero
  • If KDE check YaST > Hardware > Sound and note the priority of audio devices. The device in which you wish to play audio from in Firefox should typically be chip-0. Then go to KDE kickoff application launcher > Configure Desktop > Multimedia and ensure the priority of audio devices there matches what you observed in YaST.
    Often users with 2 sound devices will struggle a bit with Firefox and flash videos until they sort this.
  • Go to Firefox > Edit > Preferences > Applications > Shockwave Flash file and change the selection to “use Flash Player (default)”. You may need to restart firefox afterward.

Good luck

If I wanted to wager, this would be the one:

start a video in Firefox and then check the mixer PCM level
Yesterday, I installed 11.2 64-bit (kde livecd) in a dual-boot with Win7 on a new ThinkPad, and that was the problem i.e. PCM at zero. IIRC I had same outcome with that livecd when installing to my desktop. I was impressed with the flash video picture working OOTB with openSUSE. Mixer volume (Kmix) was ok, but PCM was definitely zero.

Thanks for the suggestions re fixing sound in Firefox. Sorted out my Flash sound problem and problems playing music in other pages.