no sound in earphones on my acer 5942g

I installed opensuse 12.3 with kde on my acer aspire 5942g laptop, sound works but no music in earphones.
could you help me??
manithanks, ciao :slight_smile: pier

Are these USB ‘earphones’, or earphones that plug in the acer’s audio out jack ? Have you confirmed the earphones are not at fault ? (possibly test them on another PC).

What test are your doing to determine there is no sound ? Is there sound coming out of your speakers ?

In case this is an audio configuration problem, can you please with your acer connected to the internet, run the following diagnostic script in a konsole/terminal, select the ‘UPLOAD/SHARE’ option and then when the script has completed, post here the URL/Web address output the script tells you to share/post:


That may give us some clues as to the problem.

That should read "Are these USB ‘earphones’ ?

sorry it has been an error, I tested the earphone and it works, then I try to test the laptop on windows, and I discovered that the green jack doesn’t works in windows too, so I discovered that in the laptop there was three jacks, the green one(analogic), the pink one(microphone), AND THE BLACK ONE (digital), the black one is the only that works in windows and in opensuse, it is black jack on black body so I didn’t see it…:slight_smile:

many thanks, ciao, pier.

Glad to read its working now. Thanks for sharing your solution.