No sound in applications only KDE sound is working


I have a problem with sound. Sometimes sound just doesn’t work in chromium, openra, firefox, vlc … , but it does work for kde.

What I mean is that I can hear the volume up/down sound, error sound in kde … but when I start some application then the app can not get sound out.

I noticed that this issue occurs 99,9% when I login to plasma and before my wifi connection is established the update manager try to download updates but fail with an error. After my wifi is connected then update manager get the updates, but the problem is there and I can not hear sound from any application except from KDE itself. When I logout and login then the sound works fine.

Can you please help me debug this issue or point me to a solution?

I don’t know where to start debuging, could you help me with that too? what info to gather? Muting and unmuting does not solve it.

I have a intel HDA device and I’m running up to date Tumbleweed.

Thanks for any help

Ok, so did a bit more investigation and firefox works, clementine works vlc works but chromium and openra does not work.

Have you followed the multimedia guide sticky for TW?

Also install pavucontrol and be sure that the right ouput device is selected for each app.

I followed guide to install multimedia and used packman repository.
It seems that the issue has ended in some tumbleweed update because now it just works every time.

What I did was I installed pavucontrol where everything seemed normal, then I checked yast sound and it said that I have no configuration so I did a configuration and then I updated the system and it works. So maybe it was because yast did not see any card configured or the update. Do not know for sure, but the problem seems to be solved.


on tumbleweed you need to use

zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change

or you risk packman packages being replaced with crippled OSS ones (you need to do a full vendor change to packman to fix multimedia)

zypper dup --from <put packman repo alias here>