No sound in 12.2/kde

Somehow I missed this before. I just tried that, and it still is showing dummy output.

MANY thanks! That did it. I had to reboot, but adding myself the audio group solved the permissions issue.

Could it be that ‘audio’ is a new default group for users in 12.2 and is required for sound? That might explain why sound works for fresh installs but not upgrades, because the upgrade wouldn’t create a new account.

Hello People,

I have found a very particular workaround to this issue. Like Cirdan52 I had no sound as normal user, but everything worked fine for root user suggesting an permission issue. So I have created another user and this new one had normal access to sound. This made me think about a user level configuration issue. I have deleted almost all configuration files on my home - using root account to prevent confusing gnome - without much loss and now sound is working very well.

I said it was very particular to me because my /home was migrated from Ubuntu recently and was full of configuration files from the former system, this probably has caused some conflict to the system. However, this may apply to some of you since recurrent upgrades of the system my cause thus issue.

Hope it help you out.

Thanks - modified the permission and it worked.

Went into yast -security-users and groups.
added audio group (under each user -details)
logged out then back in

Now the real card shows in kmix

Yes, you are correct! Thanks. I figured it out earlier, but forgot to post my results.