No sound from my favourite radio station's stream


I can get sound for most things, such as youtube, etc. but no sound from Triple M Sydney Media Player

I would appreciate it if a few people could check out the site to see if sound works for you and/or point out what package I need to install to make it work.

Also, the volume control on the Gnome panel doesn’t work either. Anyone know how to fix that too?

I’m using openSUSE 11.1 ( with Gnome.


Apologies … how is it supported to work ?

I click on the site and I just get music (after about a 20 sec pause, presumeably for buffering). No audio/multimedia player is launched. Just music. Am I supposed to click on something else to test some other music?

I’m using openSUSE-11.1 ( KDE-3.5.10

Hi oldcpu,

Thanks for looking. No player is meant to launch, just music. It’s good to know you can hear music, I was worried they may be using something that’s not supported in linux.

Now I just need to know what you’ve got that I haven’t, so I can hear the music too. I can’t live without my Triple M.

Any ideas?

Can you hear audio with Gnome in any other application? Can you hear audio with You tube?

What browser are you using? (I am using firefox -3.0.10)

If firefox, what plugin are you using with firefox? I have mplayerplug-in installed (together with MPlayer and flash-player).

Yes I can hear sound from youtube, BBC etc.

I’m using Firefox 3.0.10 with the shockwave flash 10.0r22 and 4 different Totem 2.24.2 plugins.

I’ve got it working now.

I setup the pacman repositories and installed the mplayer plugin.


Super! Well done for figuring it out. Thanks for sharing your solution.