No sound for installed Flashplayer Plugin in firefox

Hi everyone,
I am new user of Linux. I encountered a minor technical problem after instaling Flash player in firefox. I could not hear any sound from the video but it does shows the video after installing the plugin. What could be the problem? I tried to google for similar problem. but my case is unique because i can hear sound for youtube videos, but not those videos on facebook.

Version of OS
openSUSE Leap 42.1 (x86_64) 64-bit

Browser Version: Mozilla firefox 50.0.1
Thanks in advance!

Hello, welcome here.

What did you install (package name) and from where. Maybe even: how did you install.
I used the one-click download tool in this website. Thanks!

Hmm that page may be dated it is best to get flash from packman. The Adobe site is flacky

Also be sure that pulse is sending sound to the right device. Best to install pavucontrol to control settings for each app

But that link says: By pressing this image, you will install flash-player package from PackMan repository:
it is downloaded from Packman repository. I’m so lost because i don’t know what my problem is.

I just glanced at the page but it seemed that it was telling you to get form Adobe. I always just get it via yast-software management from packman. So any sound work or just a FF problem?? Check volume levels. Surprising how many times it is just the sound is turned down or muted. And also do what I said about pavucontrol it can help with sound problems

I tried… it’s really not working!
just now i tried created a folder called plugin in /usr/mozilla/ and pull the… nothing changes…:frowning:

Problem solved: Remove flashplayer plugin. Install another plugin called flash-player-ppapi instead of All these were done using software management
Reason: unknown.
Thanks for the help… It hinted me to the right direction.